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Elder care is a growing concern in California and the United States today. At Joseph E. Deering, Jr., Attorney at Law, our Southern California elder law attorneys make elder care our priority. Whether you are a senior or the offspring of elderly parents, there are aspects of elder law you should understand and apply to ensure effective elder care.

How does elder law help?

Laws and health conditions change. And so do the dynamics of living as we get older. While we do not like to envision no longer taking care of ourselves or being unable to make important decisions about healthcare or finances, we need to plan ahead. Otherwise, the burden falls on family members who may not know our wishes and would also have fewer options available. One must seek the professional help of a highly qualified Southern California probate attorney to avoid such situations.

Unless seniors put legal instruments in place while still mentally competent, they lose the opportunity to create an advance health care directive, assign a durable power of attorney, or write a will.

Our Southern California Attorney law firm has legal tools for elder care

Many legal determinations are available. The following are just a few to consider:

  • A living trust contains the main assets in your estate, such as your home, motor vehicles, investments, and savings. You transfer assets to the trust, assign yourself as the trustee, and designate alternate trustees for when you are no longer capable of managing the trust or for after your death. A trust eliminates probate costs, and assets can be distributed immediately after death, provided no contest exists.
  • An advance healthcare directive (living will) states your decisions about prolonging life — the use of medical devices such as feeding tubes, measures to restore your heart or breathing, and the use of drugs for pain should you become terminally ill. You can be as specific as you like in defining your wishes for loved ones, which instills confidence that they understand your wishes and relieves their stress about having to make decisions.
  • A durable power of attorney empowers whoever you designate to make healthcare and financial decisions on your behalf.

We can also discuss property title transfers, Medicare/Medicaid planning to preserve assets and minimize taxation, long-term care insurance, and other options.

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