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Why Estate Planning is Important for Seniors

In 1900, life expectancy was 47 years, and only 4 percent of the population was 65 or older. By 2025, about 20 percent of Americans will be 65 or older.  Today, life expectancy is 78 years old.  This has turned traditional estate planning on its head.

The traditional estate planning designed  for the protection of children and young families must be replaced by senior citizens by documents designed for these longer years and planning for grandchildren.  In this country 2.4 million grandparents are the primary caregivers for the children in their families. Also more attention has to be given to the care of these aging seniors.  One in four households gives the equivalent of a full day a week or more to unpaid care to an aging relative, and more than half say they expect to do so in the next 10 years.  We must plan for these realities.

Basic Types of Estate Planning for Seniors In California

  1. Trust planningmaking sure your trust will cover  what happens to you if you become ill and incapacitated
  2. Advance Care Planningmaking sure you have an adequate Advance Care Directive.
  3. Medi Cal Planningeligibility planning and avoiding asset recovery after death

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