The Pandemic has made some seniors victims of criminal financial elder abuse.  Some of the scams to look out for according to the California Advocates For Nursing Home Reform are as follows:

Fake Covid 19 Charities—There are many charities helping unemployed persons, front line workers, or sick patients.  Make sure they are truly doing that.  Look at CHARITYWATCH.ORG to check  out the charity

On-Line Selling--Overpriced or useless  Covid 19 Products.  Investigate any products before you buy.    If you get victimized report it to www.STOPFAKES.GOV

Identity Theft.
Using Covid 19 as an excuse to get personal information for identity theft.  To report identity theft and get a recovery plan go to www.IDENTYTHEFT.GOV

Pigeon Drop—A confidence trick where a senior or the  "pigeon" is persuaded to give up a sum of money in order to secure the rights to a larger sum of money or more valuable object.  

Covid 19 Stimulus Checks—Phone calls regarding these checks to get personal information.  These checks are administered by the IRS, and the checks are usually automatically processed for most taxpayers.  If you have questions go to WWW.IRS.GOV

Social Security Checks —do not give out  your Social Security Number.  If your number is  misused Social Security can not resolve these problems

Medicare Care ID—Do not give out Medicare ID number to anyone especially on the phone

Covid Tracking Scams--Do not give out personal information to anyone without proper Identification

Covid 19 E Mail and Mobile Apps—do not open unless you are sure that it is a trustworthy source.  Report a fraudulent e-mail or fake app scams to the Federal Trade Commission.  There web site is www.FTC.GOV/COMPLAINT
or call 877-FTC-HELP 

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